7 High-End Makeup Must-Haves!

Best High-End Makeup

Laura mercier foundation

Laura mercier makeup
$53 - liberty.co.uk

Beauty blender
Here is my list of my absolute favorite high-end makeup must haves! To view my drugstore makeup must-haves click HERE!
  1. Laura Mercier, Silk Creme Foundation: Finding a good foundation takes a lot of patience and a lot of empty bottles. That’s why I love Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation, no more going through bottles of not so great foundation! This foundation is super soft and very blendable. It has great coverage and I love the squeeze tube packaging.
  2. Laura Mercier, Tinted Illuminating Moisturizer: The first time I tried this product it was from a sample. After trying on that sample for the first time I was amazed by how glowing my skin looked. I felt so hot the rest of the day haha. This product is like in the middle of a moisturizer and a foundation. The color lasts all day, but it looks super natural, and it is slightly transparent as to let your skin show through. So I would recommend wearing concealer on any problem areas first. There is regular tinted moisturizer, and then there is my pick, the illuminating. I like the illuminating better because it gives my skin a sexy glow.
  3. China Glaze, Nail Polish: Dopest color selection of any nail polish brand. Their neons are orgasmic, and exploding with color! This polish dries super quickly and the quality of the polishes are amazing. You can really tell the difference from drugstore nail-polish as opposed to China Glaze. You can buy China Glaze at Sally’s and at Ulta.
  4. Beauty Blender, Makeup Sponges & BlenderCleanser: The Holy Grail! I suck at putting on foundation, and brushes take too much work, which is why the Beauty Blender kicks ass! It makes your skin look soooo good for such minimal effort or experience. It’s like the complete idiot’s guide to makeup application, it’s just so easy. You wet the egg shaped sponge and just dot and blend all-over the face. There are no harsh lines and everything turns out nice and smooth. You can also buy it with the BlenderCleanser which I would recommend, because it cleans off all the gross foundation gunk left over on the sponge, since it’s reusable. Also I clean my brushes with the cleanser and it got off everything. The cleanser alone is worth buying.
  5. Urban Decay, Naked Palette: Not to be confused with Naked 2, this one is the original baby! I use this makeup palette everytime I do my eye makeup. It is so versatile, and the colors work so well together. The shadows are very smooth and very easily blendable. Also the colors are nicely pigmented.
  6. Urban Decay, EyeShadow Primer Potion: Another holy shit where would I be without this, item. This comes free with your Naked Palette purchase, at least it did when I bought mine. But anyway, I don’t wear shadow without this! I would always get creasing around my eyes and my eyeshadows would fade away throughout the day. But this legit makes it last FOREVER! No joke, I’m super lazy and don’t wash my face half the time, so when I’d wake up the next day my shadow would still be on! This is def. a must!
  7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lip Tar:  AMAZING. Greatest lip product ever. This is legit like paint from a craft store. Except it’s paint for your lips. You put a VERYYYY SMALL DROP on your lips, and then you take a lip brush, and apply it just like paint. The colors are extraordinarily vibrant, as in I don’t think any other product could ever compare. My favorite color is Nylon. It is the hottest hot neon pink you will ever see, it is amazing. If you want your lips to stand out from a mile away, get this. I hate boring makeup. This is the opposite of that.

Have you guys tried these products? What are your faves? Leave a Comment!

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